Veronika Kees

Hello, I’m Veronika

I’ve been working as a massage therapist for over 25 years. Amongst my clients I have an impeccable reputation. I have treated people with a variety of ailments from all walks of life all over the world. The success of my practice lies with my ability to identify a client’s core problems and imbalances and work with these expertly and intuitively.  I provide a bespoke session using a variety of techniques in order to achieve well being and body comfort. I studied massage therapy at the Academy of Natural Health 1994 in London and started working closely with musicians and artists on tour as well as working on Yoga retreats and the cooperative world.

Whilst living and working abroad in Asia for 16 years I have learned from specialist teachers worldwide and developed with a creative approach, intuition and a vast variety of techniques a bespoke program/therapy for individuals needs.

I’ve been working at Shine Holistic in London for 16 years and established a successful practice whilst continuing to explore my knowledge in the field of alternative therapies and yoga up until today.

I am dedicated in helping people on the road to recovery, to gain maximum energy, well – being, balance and health with:

Holistic Massage, Deep Tissue, Cupping, Pregnancy and Postnatal massage

What others say about Veronika

I was advised some time ago to have regular deep tissue massage for my back and shoulders by an Osteopath to relieve and reduce the build up of tension and pain. I tried several massage therapists initially and I have been one of Veronika clients for about 5 years now and have not looked back!  Since being treated by her, my symptoms have reduced and I always feel both calm and invigorated after treatment. Veronica’s warm, engaging person centred approach to holistic deep tissue massage with blended oils is a great tonic for managing the stresses of a busy life and I can highly recommend her.”

Abi, London

“Veronika can read your body with her hands. Her detailed knowledge about the way the body is connected has meant that she has been able to ease aches and pains, reduce stress, improve my posture and make me want to take care of my body better with daily stretching. She is also one of the nicest people you could hope to meet.”

Kate Figes, London

“A few years ago I was booked to see Veronika when I came in urgently to Shine with an intense pain in my hips. When I left I was back to normal and feeling great. Veronika is lovely and caring. She doesn’t just go through the motions and routine, she clearly is gifted.  As a dance/fitness instructor, I often get tight muscles and other aches and pains. I haven’t found a better massage therapist than Veronika and recommend her to everyone I know.”

Dorit Schwartz, London

I have been a client of Veronika’s for 6 years. I originally went to see her after a series of painful back problems, which had forced me to see an osteopath on numerous occasions. Since having regular massages with Veronika I have not needed to visit an osteopath again and suffer from back problems far less. I am really pleased with the results! She has also helped with any aches and strains from running and exercise. I have always been very happy with my sessions with Veronika as she is clearly gifted and attentive in massage therapy. I also enjoy my visits as she is very friendly and easy going. I would highly recommend trying for yourself…”

Megan Evans, London

“I run a textile design business. I know that the stress I feel at work sometimes, most definitely manifests itself as tension in my body.  When something upsets or worries me, it goes straight to my back and shoulders!  After treatments I feel very relaxed, but alive. Veronika has a very nice touch, which is both graceful and fluid, somehow her work is both deep and yet still sensual, I don’t know how she manages that!  No massage is ever the same, Veronika responds to the body’s needs each time but she always seems to have new techniques or methods that make the experience very pleasant and unique.”

Helen Pegge, London

Veronika is an amazing masseuse, combining her knowledge of the human body fantastic techniques and the understanding of energy in the body – a true mix of the best of eastern and western approaches. I first had a massage by Vee last year. Though I had had many a massage before (in UK, Nepal, Thailand,… and some of them were excellent, Vee is right up there when it comes to the healing power. Those aches and pains you thought you’d never get rid off, she definitely will! I have no hesitation to recommend Vee.

Ingrid Massage, London

‘Forget the rest, try the best! I must have tried about 20 massage therapists over the years as I had severe muscular tension in my shoulders, lower back and calf muscles, sometimes it was so bad I could hardly move. Those days are gone, largely thanks to Veronika. With an incredible anatomical knowledge, absolute professionalism and a genuine commitment to your wellbeing, Vee is far more than a massage therapist, she’s a veritable magician.’

Wendy Haslam, London


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