Verónica Pródis

Verónica is an accredited Yoga teacher in AcroVinyasa (AcroYoga) by the global brand YogaBeyond®. She is also qualified in the traditional healing methods of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga and certified as a fitness trainer by the International association Fisaf.
Veronica graduated as a Dance Teacher at the Dance Conservatory TCP in Prague.

Veronica comes from Carlsbad in the Czech Republic, and has lived in England, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. In 2004 she moved to Barcelona to continue her dance career, training with Master dance teacher Slavik Kryklyvyy. In 2007 Veronica moved to Ibiza and started her yoga practice, healing techniques, Reiki, SRT, and Holistic massages. In 2015 she opened her own Dance &Yoga Studio in Czech Republic which continues in its growth and success. In 2016 Veronica returned to Ibiza to live and to inspire others sharing her bliss of life through teaching yoga. For Veronica yoga is a wonderful physical practice and a spiritual life experience connecting with the breath, the essence of life, the soul and the beauty of nature.

In her Yoga classes Veronica synchronises breath with movement building core strength and balance, through focusing on individual Asanas, and utilising the techniques of Bandhas, Drishti and Pránayáma. With restorative healing methods, meditation and relaxation, she helps you to open your heart and find inner peace of your mind, body & soul. Her yoga gives you powerful energy and blesses you with good health.

Veronicas ‘AcroVinyasa’ technique takes yoga from the earth to the air… giving everyone the chance to Fly. AcroVinyasa technique consists of 4 parts which are divided into Vinyasa Yoga practice, Inversion training, AcroYoga or partner Yoga and Thai massage. It is also great fun, building trust, balance, and connection.

Verónica offers customised private and group classes as well as retreats all over Ibiza.
AcroVinyasa, Ashtanga Fusion, Hatha Flow, Vinyasa, Mindfulness, Yin Yoga, The essence of dance, freedom, and movement.


What others say about Verónica

Verónica es una profesora que se sabe adaptar a los diferentes niveles de los alumnos, dejando mi cuerpo en perfectas condiciones para volar. Después de una clase de yoga, me siento súper renovado. Realmente enriquecido por el equilibrio y las buenas vibraciones que transmite en mi vida.


I would like to say thank you for the wonderful experience I had on yoga class with Verónica at Atzaro. Her teaching has transformed my yoga practice into the deeper experiences and conscious life. 


She is very kind and peaceful person which transmit love to others. In her yoga classes she clearly and intelligently directs my awareness so I can appreciate the purpose of each asana and have a stronger connection with my body and my inner-self. The variation of her classes are amazing. The work goes deep and stays in the body long after class is over!!


Veronica’s teaching is grounded in deep knowledge of body engagement, movements and breath. Her demonstration, clear instruction, positive energy, and meaningful adjustments is inspiring and enlightening. Thank you,


Veronica has got amazing, beautiful gift of sharing yoga and her inspiration. It shines out like a light, amazing gift you are giving to people who can learn from you. 


You can’t fall if you don’t climb. Bud there is no joy in living your hole life on the ground. Namaste Veronica Pródis you made me fly. 


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