To do or not to do

It seems there is a lot of confusion amongst us now. Many of us seem to be desperately trying to ‘get it right’. There is endless amounts of information, memes and blogs trying to help us do this. On having a rare and welcome moment of clarity this morning I have chosen to write this. Maybe it will help you, maybe it’s just more to add to the word bank!

The main thing I’m hearing from others and of course myself (I wouldn’t be able to write this unless I had not been living this experience also) is that we are stuck in a place of feeling we should be doing more, being more active and contributing to making a difference in a world that we are all feeling and seeing is in a bit of a mess but on the flipside a needing to heal ourselves, indulge ourselves, rest and be kind and loving to ourselves. The thing is by being caught in this mind trap we are not actually achieving either.

The biggest fear I feel is the fear of getting it wrong, evil winning, the world ending all because humans are ignorant and/or selfish beings that are in a process of self-destruct.

This fear is not helped by things such as Edmund Burke’s famous quote “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing”, it depends in which context you take this. If we also take Einstein’s similar quote “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do nothing”. We can see that this message clearly carries a different message to what we may perceive in Burke’s, maybe his intention was the same as Einstein’s, who knows?

We are learning that fears create themselves. If we live in fear of something we are bound by that fear and it becomes real for us. The words ‘love’ and ‘fear’ are thrown around a lot and people have become confused as to their meaning. However, I will use these words (and maybe an overused phrase or two!) to make my point.

We are beings of love, love is all there is, just love and fear is the resistance to it. If we were to trust this completely then every action would have a knock-on effect and balance would be regained. This isn’t to say ‘bad’ things would never happen, it’s just adjusting our perception of love. For example, we have a friend who has just been kicked out of their house and has nowhere to go, we would maybe feel that we should let them stay with us even though we might not want them too out of fear of being ‘a bad person’, the truth maybe that there is another opportunity coming for them which is right for them. Also of course it’s possible someone may need somewhere to stay but we say no out of fear of them causing us a problem. The idea to love ourselves is to trust our feelings and impulses in the moment. This is what is meant by ‘loving ourselves’ and ‘living in the moment’. By judging we create duality. We judge what is ‘bad’ or ‘good’ but we don’t have all the information or we may not understand the mysterious way in which something is coming from source. This is why it is pointless to judge others, plus if we were putting that attention to ourselves we might have more chance of getting it right!

Every moment is unique, every moment has a choice to act in love or fear. Love doesn’t necessarily mean acting in our preconditioned ideas of what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Many people end up staying in abusive relationships, they feel they need to ‘love’ and support their partner, but often they are just acting as a facilitator and the loving thing to do could be to walk away and give that person a reason to move past their own fears.

But what it boils down to is that we are all trying our best however distorted that may be, we have many voices telling us to do many things, these all come from love in the sense in that they all want the best for us, they are just based on the past, whether it’s the voice of our mother in one ear, the voice of a teacher in another, and voices from our own experiences coming in too.

Healing ourselves is stripping away all these well-meaning voices and being in a pure enough state to clearly identify what our truth is. If that means spending a few days, months or years (!) binge watching Netflix and lying in bed all day so be it! The fear is that we will never get up again or become too depressed or won’t be ‘doing enough’, we can trust that we won’t allow ourselves to stay in this state forever but maybe until it’s out of our system it will likely remain.

The comfort zone is our construction of our world where we allow our fears to restrict us. We need to first become aware of our fears, then ask ourselves what we are afraid will happen if we go through the fear…then do it. Getting out of our comfort zone might just be to be comfortable being comfortable!

– Sam

Sam Beecham is Reiki healer & Massage therapist on Ibiza. Read all about her on her profilepage

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