Tina Kaczor

Hello, I’m Tina.

My passion for healthy nutrition started at an early stage. Realizing that food has a big impact on our physical and mental health I decided to dive deeper into this versatile topic. I noticed that a certified & qualified education is needed to acquire knowledge about the digestive system and about the effect nutrition has on our bodies.

Being aware of everyone´s individual needs regarding food especially from a holistic point of view led me to the „Akademie der Naturheilkunde“ in Switzerland. I completed my studies and graduated in 2013. Initially working for an online well-being & health food company as a Purchasing and Production Manager, I gained valuable experience from a manufacturing perspective as well.

Whilst performing group sessions, workshops and most recently taking on the challenge organizing a bespoke dinner experience in a retreat environment, I´m specialized in personal coaching.

It is a pleasure to educate my clients on the impact of the food to our physical and mental health. To teach them about the importance of a nutrient-rich diet. It serves primarily as prevention but can also be implemented to existing health problems.

Looking in those glowing faces when clients start to realize that the readjustment is beginning to bear fruit, listening to their stories that problems and symptoms have suddenly disappeared is irreplaceable and connected to lots of gratefulness and joy.

I chose Ibiza as base since this beautiful island provides a relaxed and magical atmosphere and its nature serves you oranges, lemons, clementines, almonds, figs, rosmary, thyme, sage, aloe vera and so much more. Already a good start for a healthy and natural nutrition.

I also offer coaching via Skype if there is no chance for you to visit Ibiza.

What others say about Tina

“Tina is a wonderful coach and extremely knowledgeable. She gave me clear, concrete information and insights on how to adjust my eating habits and nutrition. It took a while for me to adjust but I have significantly more energy and lost a ton of body fat. Highly recommended!”

– Noah

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