The art of letting go

Letting go is one of the most challenging things in life. Most people don’t like change, but guess what, change is the only constant factor of life. We need to let go in order to grow, there is no getting out of it.

Why do we need to learn how to let go?

Because when we don’t let go, we become victims of our ever-changing reality, and we suffer. It’s like the Buddha told us: all our challenges in life are a result of the fact that we can’t let go. We are responsible in holding on to negative emotions and therefore we are in pain. If instead we accept life as it comes and release our old stories and fears about the future, we can experience a greater sense of freedom.

That sounds pretty easy, right? But for some reason, letting go is pretty damn hard.

How to let go

Letting go enables life, energy, love and learning to flow freely. Letting go takes practice. How can we turn letting go into our daily practice? Here are four ways. Of course there are many more.

1) Let go of attachment to the plan

They say God laughs at us when we tell him our plans. Of course it is good to be ambitious and to have a plan in life. But be flexible! Life will always come in between you and your plan in ways you didn’t expect it. This can give new opportunities you didn’t even think were possible. And when a plan fails? Just make a new one! Don’t be to rigid on your original plan.

2) Be present in the now

Holding on to your past? Nothing good can come from that. You’ll be filled with regret and sadness, and for what? Yesterday is history, today is a new day. Every day you have a choice to be the person you want to be. Don’t be fearful about the future neither. All you can do is make positive steps and decisions NOW, in order to be where you want to be tomorrow.

3) Release the story

Very often it’s not the raw experience that’s the problem; it’s not your break-up, or losing your job. It’s the story we have made up about it. If we can witness our feelings and reactions without judgement, we can release the energy (story) behind them. The story prolongs things—so stay out of the mind and say goodbye to the drama of the experience.

4) Practice yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation are great tools to be more present in the now. Yoga will help you to get out of your mind, into your body. The final relaxation pose of yoga, savasana, gives some good clues about how to handle change: relax, don’t struggle, be in the moment, surrender, let go. For some people it can be hard to fully relax and let go, this is why we practice!

In order for you to be open for new experiences and new persons you need to create space! Meditation will help you clear your mind. Clear your mind, let go of any old repetitive thoughts, and make room for new beautiful life experiences!

“But the attitude of faith is to let go, and become open to truth, whatever it might turn out to be.”
~ Alan Watts

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