Springtime on Ibiza

Spring on Ibiza is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. The beaches are not yet crowded and the sun is already strong enough to allow a short and quick dip in the still quite cold sea. The waters are crystal clear, and the temperatures are just perfect. Everyone is getting ready for another busy season, and after a long winter break people are motivated and excited.

So are we, the team from Qi-biza.com. We are a selected team of professional therapists, healers and Yoga teachers, available for you all year around, to pamper you during your stay on this magical island. Each and everyone of us has their own approach to help you find your balance, so take a look at the profiles and choose the right service for you.

Our society creates a trend where everything has to work more efficiently, in less time, with less effort and as comfortable as possible. We can reply to work emails while sitting in the bathroom and we discuss business plans during lunch. 
But when do you really switch off?

When do you take some time for stillness, for doing absolutely nothing? When do you take care of your body and slow down to create some inner peace?

During your two week holiday on Ibiza while the other 351 days of the year you work crazy hours and have hardly any time for family and friends?
 Well, it’s a good start and we are happy to help!

A 60 or 90 minute treatment or Yoga class can do wonders for your body, mind and soul, and it can remind you to continue taking care of your Self on a more regular basis, once you get home. Book right now to make sure your preferred therapist or Yoga teacher is available once you are here!

See you soon on Ibiza,


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