Slavomíra Lakshmi

Hello, my name is Slavomíra. Born in Slovakia, I lived, studied and had my ‘9-5 work life’ in few different countries. In 2015 I went through a major life shift. Over the past 4 years I traveled in different places across the world following my heart, gaining new skills and wisdom and sharing my experience with the others.

I studied Yoga in a traditional ashram of Paramanand Yoga Institute in India. I learned Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapy in AYM Institute in India from James Winstanley who trained this technique with an ancient master Kusum Modak. In San Marcos La Laguna in Guatemala, I gained the skill in Maya Abdominal Massage technique from a local midwife Doña Dominga. Most recently, I trained Chi Nei Tsang therapy with Zendrik Van Der Merwe in Ibiza who learned this art from two different masters in Thailand. I am constantly evolving, in love with my life, excited to discover more.

As a healing artist, I help people to understand their bodies and minds. We co-create a sacred space with the intention of diving into the present moment, slowing down the breath, opening up the heart, connecting with our energies in order to discover the unknown, to learn to accept, to release any physical pain and to let go of any emotional blockage.

In Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, I combine warming up the muscles using just a bit of sesame oil followed by body movements and stretches, including chest opening, hips opening, muscles lengthening and strengthening accompanied by coordinated breath-work. It is a journey of self-discovery that gives a greater chance to release tension much faster.

Chi Nei Tsang treatment is performed mainly on the abdomen, with oil, working with the breath and healing sounds related to the different organs. This method detoxifies, restructures and strengthens the body and is suitable for any person who wants to experience a better health on a general physical as well as emotional level.

In my Yoga practice, the key element is breath. I encourage myself to breathe deeply in order to slow down the mind that allows me to listen to my body, respect its limits, feel each posture and get the most out of its benefits. I observe the energies and let flow any emotions that arise. I also include some strengthening poses and a lightly dynamic flow of asanas to balance my whole practice.

What others say about Slavomíra

I received Chi Nei Tsang treatment from Slavomira and it was absolutely amazing. The deepest experience of touch that I had in my entire life. Her magic hands, the good intention and the clear energy gave me a extraordinary feeling of relaxation and blissfulness. The Chi Nei Tsang therapy is an abdominal treatment which is releasing a lot of emotions, that is stored in the abdominal area. More that I felt she is touching my physical body, I had the feeling that she was taking care of my emotional body, releasing all my negative emotions and blockages and left me back with a feeling of pure joy and light. If you are looking for more than a Treatment, book a Chi Nei Tsang. A full surrendering, trusting, transforming healing session, with magic hands. A real blissfulbalancing experience. Thank you Lakshmi.

– Marco, Austria

I received the gift of meeting Slavomira in Tulum, Mexico, where I live. The 90 minutes Yoga Massage is a very deep journey. It´s a massage combined with stretching. Her voice and words leads you into a deep confidence and let you flow. I had wonderful images coming up connecting with where I am and felt new powerful energy. I want to recommend Slavomira from my heart to the world! I´m so grateful that our paths have crossed and hope to stay in touch until we meet again.

– Mirjam, Mexico

Amazing massage with Slavomira, one of the best I have ever had. I wasn´t expecting to have that good, deep feeling.

– Eduardo, Mexico

My two sessions with Slavomira were amazing. She has the gift of healing hands combined with wonderful technique. Combining deep tissue/oil massage with Thai stretches creates a complete therapy. I highly recommend this talented, sensitive and caring therapist to everybody. 

– Zendrik, South Africa

Slavomira is a beautiful person. Lots of beautiful energy. Her massages are healing for me. It opens my heart and gives me more bliss. My head is empty and I can now follow my heart. But not only that, the massages give me more flexibility in my whole body. If I was you try it ❤️️

– Ursula, Netherlands

It was my first Ayurvedic massage I have ever received and trust me it was the best. The process of whole body getting relaxed with stretching was too good. Slavomira has an amazing power and the way she made me mold into the whole journey is incredible. I think everybody should try it and experience the 2 hr journey. Thank you Slavomira for the wonderful experience and letting me know more about my body.

– Roshan, India

I am really thankful to Slavomira. I tried Ayurvedic Yoga Massage with her for the first time last year. The power of stretching that really gives fluidity to the body and peace to the soul. I also tried with Slavomira Yoga lessons, I took all the Magic Energy of Yoga through her incredible ability to transmit the real sense of Yoga as curative medicine for the body and soul.

– Anna, Italy

Ibiza a place full of lovely people presented a beautiful place to stay and a masseuse with a very specific way of treating her clients. Involved in a higher sense being able to actually transform negative energies while giving a message, Slavomira has shown me what she is capable to do in a one on one session. Most definitely a journey to recommend!

– Rolf, Netherlands

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