Scarlet Stolker

I started practising yoga 10 years ago. The classes were a variation of poses mixed with breathwork, bodywork, meditations, singing mantra’s, sound healing, spirituality and energy work. I discovered the powerful influence of the practise. Always active in high energy sales jobs I found myself in a burn-out 2 years ago.

I didnt live from the heart anymore and didnt listen to my body. I ran totally out of energy. My path of deeply soul-searching started. What makes me truelly happy? I came in a transformation and deepdived into wellbeing. Followed a yin yoga teacher training, a restorative yoga training, Ayurvedic and Lomi Lomi massage courses, coaching trainings.

I did a lot of courses and workshops in bodywork, breathwork, voice liberation, sound healings, inner child work, energy work, deepend my spirituality path and started to learn about essential oils, 

My goal is to help you feel good. Make you aware of your physical, emotional and mental health and how to improve that. Live from the heart, not from the mind. Make you aware of the mindtraps we all live in. Connect you with your body and higher your vibration.

You can contact me for a relaxing yoga session, nice massage but also for a customized coaching session. I am an experience expert in burnout and transformation

What others say about Scarlet

Scarlet has a calm and peaceful way of teaching. She can easily bring me into relaxation and stay long in the position even when its hard. Her classes are easy to follow and each time they bring me something new.

– Sandra

Scarlet brought me into a deep relaxation. she has a hypnotic voice and in a very soft and gentle way she helps me connecting with my body.  She also teaches me to cope better with my emotions. I feel light and clear after her class.

– Stephanie

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