Ruth Acedo Silva

Hello, I’m Ruth

I focused myself completely on yoga and everything that comes with it. I did not only want to teach Yoga but also wanted to know all the knowledge behind it.  I am professor of Hatha Yoga* but also certified in Pilates Suspension** and Instructor Pilates Mat

Yoga is everything for me that’s why I worked as an assistant at the AAYY (Aragonese Association of Yoga and Yoga Therapy in collaboration with ASMSS, a psychological support program at the center of Swadar, in Gopalpur (India).

And after that I collaborated in the Psychological support program that I developed in India in 2011, on which I base my Thesis of end training Hatha Yoga, and Yoga Therapy.

So if you want an exeptional experience, book a lesson/class via whatsapp

 *AEPY- Spanish Association Yoga practitioners, School of Yoga and Transpersonal Psychology-Pilar Íñigo) FEYS and the European Union of Yoga.

**ANEP-Spanish Association of Pilates Instructors.

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