What’s Reiki got to do with it?

Although Reiki is fast becoming more worldly recognised as a powerful healing modality, I find there are still a few that haven’t heard of it. In recent months, I have had many people, from all walks of life, reaching out, intrigued to know more. So here’s a little snippet…

Reiki literally translates as “life force energy”. It’s a form of energy work in which the Practitioner works as a channel to send the energy from Source, through their hands, directly onto the client. We work predominately on the main 7 chakras in the body, which run from the base of the spine up to the crown of the head; the root chakra, the sacral, the solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. Over time, energy becomes suppressed and trapped in the body, and if we don’t know how to work with it to release it, it can eventually lead to dis-ease in the body. A Reiki practitioner is simply helping to assist the client work through these energy blocks, by starting to break them down on a cellular level.

Some clients experience deep grounding and a feeling of inner balance, for others it can be a really profound healing experience, which sets them off on a better path, much more aligned with their high selves. This can be quite unsettling initially, but we can always trust that these movements and stirrings are happening for a reason, and once we face our deep, hidden shadows, there is so much light to embrace.

Let me enlighten you a little by sharing my journey with it so far…

I can literally say I know my life before Reiki and since Reiki; it changed my life. Before I discovered Reiki it was like I had blinkers on. I could see straight ahead of me in one direction, and there was no other way, no looking around or behind, just plain straight. I always had a feeling that there was something more to this life, like something was missing, but I wasn’t sure what it was, my soul yearned for more but I couldn’t see what it was. I went directly into Reiki Level 1 training before I’d even had a session because when I read about it, whilst searching for alternative healing methods for myself, it resonated with me that much, I knew I needed more than just a healing session with someone else. This was for me, to self heal, to learn, to grow.

I went in blind. I had no expectations. And what proceeded is what I can only describe as a volcano erupting. After years of hiding, not knowing who I was, searching, longing, everything that had been bubbling under the surface started to emerge; the shadows and the light. I had no idea what I had got myself in to; I was both unnerved and excited.

During my 21 day healing process I went through what’s called a “healing crisis”, in which the pain in my body amplified tenfold. And it wasn’t just physical pain either. I started having flashbacks from my childhood, you know the kind of stuff you think is buried and let go of…. well those memories and the emotions attached to them were still there, hiding underneath all of the layers of my hard exterior. They were presenting themselves loud and clear in order for me to face those demons once and for all.

I was scared initially, I was feeling things I’d never felt and I was experiencing a state of mind I had never discovered before. I didn’t understand what was happening until I read about it in one of my Reiki books. In short, a healing crisis is when the life force energy is working its way to the deep blockages in the body, and this can come out in a physical and/or emotional release. This always gets worse before it gets better. I continued to self heal until the pain in my body completely went away, I couldn’t believe it!!

At the time I didn’t really have anyone I could talk to. My friends weren’t “spiritual” and I had no spiritual guides or teachers. I walked my journey alone for a long time and I questioned everything in my life. The city I lived in, my partner at the time, my career, my family & friends, everything! It took me a couple of years of self healing and waking up on this journey, even experiencing times of doubt and non believing, until I was unable to ignore the changes that were occurring, mentally, spiritually and physically. I started to see things differently, people, circumstances, things just started to become clearer in my mind’s eye.

The last few years have been a profound journey of self-healing and awakening. This journey eventually lead me to sharing with others through sessions, to then wanting to teach Reiki so that others can learn to self heal. We all have the power to self heal. If you are interested in this I highly recommend a book called ‘The Anatomy of the Spirit’ by Caroline Myss. I believe so powerfully in this work, but also trust that Reiki finds you when you are ready. I personally work very intuitively, guided by Source and my client, through sensations, visions and callings. Every session I do is different, and no one session you experience will be the same either. We can always trust that what we are ready for, and what we need the most, will occur, all in divine time. Get in touch for more info on sessions and teachings.

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