Policies & Procedures

To achieve a soothing, healing environment, and enhanced experience, we kindly request our guests observe our policies and procedures.

Arrival Time

To make the most of your experience, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. This will allow you relax a little and ensure you receive our full Qi-biza service.

Late Arrivals

In the event that you are running late, we will endeavor to conduct your full treatment, however, please note that the treatment may need to be shortened if the healer/therapist/yogi has another booking afterwards. The reservation of an appointment indicates that the Qi-biza has reserved the service time for you and therefore has had to decline other customer business for that particular service.


Please note we require at least 24 hours notice to cancel any appointment (both ways). Once an appointment is booked – unless we hear otherwise – we’ll expect you to be there.


Although we do our best to anticipate your needs, we appreciate that our treatments are a very individual and unique experience.

Please let your healer/therapist/yogi know if there is any way to improve your treatment or comfort in our massages, yoga or healingsessions.

For example: deeper or lighter massage pressure, an extra towel, sound or lighting levels. etc. We truly appreciate your feedback.

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