Operación Bikini

Two words I´ve learnt at the end of my Spanish course. It was the time after Christmas when I finished and my Spanish teacher told me that these words are strong in Spain and the operation starts now!!

Everybody prepares her-/himself for this nice beach body. I like this idea since most people start to work-out and take care about their figure when summer is already here. But it is not only about a good looking body … it is more about how you feel. Getting rid off all those toxins which accumulate throughout the colder seasons when people start to move less and eat more heavy.

This article is about purifying your body of free radicals, cleansing your inner body and trim off that extra kilos. It takes only four weeks to get there and believe me it is worth it.

Detox – a great gift for your body

Stress, daily life and holiday season is already enough to ignore the rules of a healthy nutrition. Extra kilos and digestive problems appear, pale/blemished skin or even chronial pain might be a result.

At the latest now it is time to think about detox. Usually our system is able to detox day after day but in our stressful daily lifes with time pressure and therefore with an inappropriate nutrition our system is mostly overcharged and is not able to detox properly.

The main reason to detox is the recovery of your system to divert these toxins, to reduce body fat, to balance your mental and physical health and to relieve discomfort. Thus detoxing is one great gift for your body.

Metabolites do they really exist?

There is a huge discussion between doctors, scientists and alternative practitioners if those metabolites or toxins really do exist and therefore if necessary to divert them.

Doctors believe there are no toxins you need to get rid off. Scientists do connect those words with metal production. Only the alternative practitioners do know that those toxins are real and where they come from.

On the one hand these toxins are a result of substances which are produced during the metobolic process and which our system is unable to eliminate completely (uric acid and other acids, cholesterol, homocysteine). This might be out of the following reasons.

  • Too many substances occur due to an inappropriate nutrition
  • The excretion organs (liver, kidneys, gut and lympathic system) are overstrained
  • Necessary vital nutrients or alkaline is missing to absorb those toxins
  • Due to malnutrition and unfavorable lifestyle metabolistic problems occur which lead
    to toxins too

Don´t you think these are enough reasons to give your body the treat he needs? To purify him of all the unnecessary ballast he is not able to release without some external help. We are not talking about supplements – however in some cases might be helpful – we are talking about clean, natural, vital and alkaline food which is rich on minerals and trace elements and which help to bring back the balance your body is in need for. Just start to live natural now!

If you want to learn more about a healthy lifestyle I´m more than happy to share my thoughts with you and help guiding you on your path.

Tina Kaczor

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