How does nutrition effect
your body / health?

Starting to be interested in healthy food and a healthier lifestyle mostly comes from a reason. Maybe you have noticed that the food you are eating doesn´t give you the energy you need to deal with your daily life, your family and job. You might be tired, exhausted, mentally insecure or your body is already dealing with certain health issues.

Nutrition has a big impact on all of the above therefore it is recommendable to eat natural and healthy food to keep your system balanced (flowing).

Which nutrition is right for you?

Personal coaching

First consultation 60 – 90 min. €60

Nowadays most of us do not know what healthy nutrition means. The media confuses us with tips, trends and offers. Most companies try to sell their products rather than giving a real advice on how to eat healthy. In addition to that they keep it common and they do not take care about our individual needs.

But there is a big demand to design custom schedules for every person. We are all different and live unique lives. As defined by holistic nutrition your environmental situation, physical and mental health will be seen as a combined unit.

The foundation of the interview is a detailed analysis due to nutrition diary and health questionnaire. Our recommendations adapt to your personal lifestyle and eating habits. For a long lasting, successful and independent readjustment a detailed education about the gastrointestinal tract and the acid-base metabolism will follow. The first consultation takes approximately 60-90 min.

The follow-up meetings will be 45 min. Appointments, location and frequency is flexible to your needs.

Group coaching

Generally spoken there are some ‘rules’ to follow. Which food is worth to combine, how to improve digestion by chewing and (not) drinking and how is your system able to absorb nutrition and place it into the parts of the body where it is needed.

Group coachings are custom-designed. We will work on any topic the group is interested in e.g. healthy lifestyle, different types of nutrition.

Starting at €30 p.p.

Workshops & Retreats

Talking about theory is one side but since some of the food still needs to be prepared cooking is another. Our memory works much faster while taking action. Therefore workshops are helpful. You will not only learn how to prepare a dish, you will also be taught in which food is right to combine, which food needs to be cooked first and which nutrition is actually inside of each food.

Cooking together is not only a possibility to learn faster it is also a lot of fun. And after the work is done, sitting together and enjoying the meal is even greater. The location of the workshops will vary. It also can be held at a house of a participant if desired.

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