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A healing session can work on different levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The session is completely hands off. There is rarely a need to touch your body. You will be asked to close your eyes and lay comfortably face up on a massage table. You will be fully clothed, but without shoes. I also do distant healing sessions. They work just as wel as live healing sessions. And I also work on animals.

For a first session, I focus on chakra balancing and energy clearing combined with Reconnective Healing. During the session I am guided by my spirit guides. I am basically just a channel. The length of a session depends on how much work needs to be done and can vary between 30 minutes to 1,5 hour. Although each person’s session is unique, one common element seems to be that people find the experience to be deeply relaxing and peaceful.

What others say about Melania

I can recommend a healing from Melania Healing to everyone, no matter where you are in your life… To me personally, it gave me strength and loads of energy, the feeling I could carry the world on my own shoulders. Melania is a beautiful and warm person with a very open mind. Thank you for this fab experience and we will definitely meet again, that’s a promise :-)!”

– Cara, Holland

I had a lot of insights that I could only put together a few hours after our session. I actually set down and wrote them, and they offered a great deal of psychological release. I remember that during our session I tried channeling the energy I felt towards issues that needed clarity. It was a bit of a guided trip.

Had some body symptoms. Remember I was swallowing a lot? For three days my stomach was completely upset, I could hardly eat anything and I had the feeling that I am taking something out of my system. Like a cleanse. Then i could hardly sleep…not more than 3-4 hours a night, as if I was fully rested. Of course i wasn’t and after a few nights like that I got pretty groogy ?

The biggest influence was on the emotional side though. During the session I remember feeling things rather than thinking things and that created a small pattern somehow. I am lately dreaming of feeling rather than remembering images, places or people from my dreams.
As you said, the effect lasted for a few days, I would say it took about 5 to 6. I felt a higher state of consciousness. A higher sense of observation, more related to feeling situations, people, places.

I am really looking forward to coming back and having the Personal Reconnection. The one thing I need to get assurance for is that I will be able to sleep afterwords :))))
Thank you for a wonderful experience!”

– Sorana, Roemenia

I already felt an army of angel wings before the session even started! I experienced so many things. An incredible light feeling as if my body was floating above me and then as if I was flying featherlight and with an open heart. The moment you said you were going to start the session, my phone switched off by itself and then switched on again. For a second, I was very surprised. On my left side, close to my stomach, it felt as if something was vibrating. At one point, I had this uncontrollable feeling I had to move my body. And I also smelled all kinds of things. A lot of energy on my crown and forehead and also my heart. Afterwards, I felt extremely relaxed. A lot of laughing bubbles everywhere. It felt like a sea of light! It was sooooo nice. I also want to learn to do this!

– Astrid, Holland

I have had a very powerful amazing and beautiful experience thanks to Melania Mols and her abilities into Reconnexion Healing, which I want to describe here .

I am carrying lot of pain in my cellular memories in this moment of my life that are emerging and screaming to be cleared and leave, and I must say it is not that all my pains fully and deeply left yet, but they did during the “trip” and that is the Truth and Issue I do know.

At first, I briefly told Melania about the terrible dreams and physical pains I had been reliving just before I found her, and how I felt an intuitive obvious call towards them when I saw the flyer with their proposal .

She took me to a beautiful spot surrounded by nature and only the sounds of the “grillos”, beautiful dry nature of Ibiza, a table to lie down at opened air. Secure, and beautiful. Only her, and her two cats were around.

I closed my eyes and it started immediately: I was shaking and crying, trembling, fighting with my wrists, relieving that rape and violence that is coming back to my memory, and my body at this time of my life. But funnily, as obvious as this was, it only lasted about 3 or 4 minutes.

It was like all pains in my feminine and lower parts were cleansed, and I was taken to very high frequencies indeed. Conscious, knowing it was me, still me, the highest of me and purpose in Life.

I stopped breathing so heavily, then … my back was opening again, and chest, firm, straight, in Dignity refound after the worst humiliation. I made grins and blew insatisfaction and disagreement through my mouth.

My left big toe manifested pain. Actually just under it, like I had a nail in there. I felt this very bitter acid taste in my mouth I am feeling since three months that my pains are surging. Stabbs into solar plexus and lungs, which i salso a “familiar” pain to me lately.

My eyes were moving very fast, opening and closing as a butterfly’s wing, and crying a bit. Every time three beats.

A tear maybe or something that felt like a drop of rain landed in my left ear.

As my back and chest were reopening fully again, I felt also my wings. My arms needed to open around me, spread and high, the hands were moving like small wings at the end of the bigger wings.

I saw myself in a shematic naive drawing, knowing it was me, with a big robe, as a Master, flying or better said walking above the Sea.

Then I saw a small angel which is a tiny puppet I have in my home, naive, made of cloth. Then this angel had no more form, but it felt like profound angelic Presence, and a smell of incense. Then I knew it was about the support and presence of some cherished beeing that was gone, probably a grand mother, could not see the face. Ancestor of mine filled with love and protection towards me.

I ‘ve had smiles and laughs.

Then I saw a huge gem coming towards me, by my forehead, as a Sun, a Planet, very light green gem, and it was “tallada”, worked on all edges as a precious stone in a jewellery ‘s studio. Then this extraordinary gem became mandalas of many colours, lot of red and orange and deep blue, it was turning very fast as a wheel. Fast light Energy.

Then I saw a Golden Buddha. Of golden leaf. Cambodian representation maybe. Or from Thailand.

Then my hands came to my chest, palms opened to the sky : the posture or gesture of “ Absence of Fear”.

Then my hands were making the shape of meditation, closing one “eye”, other fingers opened, mudras. My hands were dancing. Like Indonesian dance.

Then I saw a Buddha from Cambodia. Then a very voluptuous sensuous Indian deity, gooddess that is a commun sculpture in their temples. I was doing more and more postures from Indian and Indonesian dances. Hands and feet.

Then I saw movement like wind and fire: myself with my stage fire orange costume passing through. (I actually am in this life a dancer among other artistic gifts and activities.)

Then I felt Melania’s cat trying to come to me more than once, and I saw it’s face, white and triangular closer and closer to my face. Bigger. Then heard the roaring of a Tiger. Was nice, as a familiar companion. (Suppositely my protector and totem is a jaguar.)

Then I saw a pink precious spinell, gem from Burma.

Then I saw, like it could be me, a Balinese dancer with all attributes, costume, make up, refinement, and goden high tiara.

Then I saw and was an egyptian humble servant, with short skirt of thin white cloth, golden outline. I saw and felt my feet in their posture: one in front of the other. The right one ahead I guess.

Then I became the Egyptian Queen. I do not know which. With long black hair,
and infinite long eyes with blue turquoise make up around that makes them look so immense and beautiful. Sitted on her throne.

Then I did feel her “Sceptrum” in my right hand. Sitting. Ruling. In order, Peace, Sovereignity and Serenity.

Then I heard a sound like bubbling water from a Cave. (It was actually Melania’s stomach responding spontaneausly to something of my own trip.)

Then I saw an infinitely torsade of jade unfolding, passing through my eyes. Looked like a long root of a Tree but carved, in eternal solid jade. Other asian Gods and asian Dances.

And the very last vision, my palms opened around my face, was, in my right hand, a huge Pearl coming from my hand, born in it and growing at very fast speed, black and full of marvellous mothershell green, pink, and purple colours. Just like the ones from Oysters. Like a ballon of pearl growing a san Egg from my Hand. Abundance maybe from my tool, most working hand?”

– Tatiana, France

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