Mart Groen

Hi, I’m Mart.

I’m founder of Qi-biza and Reiki practitioner. I like to help people who have pushed themselves too much. Who really could use more peace of mind and balance in both body and spirit. I believe that you perform better in daily life when you can think and act clearly.

The first time I got in contact with reiki I immediately discovered what the treatments did for me. There was chaos in my head, my muscles were tight and massages I had before, only helped temporarily.

Reiki gave me a feeling that I could not quite place. But that did not matter to me, because I felt a huge benefit. That was the moment I decided to immerse myself into Reiki, to learn the techniques so I can give this wonderful experience to others.

I practice Reiki according to the traditional Japanese Usui Reiki System. A method of spiritual healing, it’s the base for inner peace. On the other hand, the system is a teaching in the energetic medical practice. In addition to relax your body Reiki also brings peace in your mind.

A Reiki treatment takes about an hour and can greatly benefit people with tension, stress, insomnia, burnout, lethargy, depression, anxiety, nervousness, exams. The only pre requisite is that you are open to receive the healing energy.

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What others say about Mart

“After a period full of stress I suffered from a lot of stress symptoms in my body (and mind). Then I landed on the treatment table with Mart. With real attention takes Mart time for you. After the treatment I sleep better and my body and mind are more calm. What I only realized after a few sessions … His treatments make a world of difference. “

– Kim Martens

“Dear Mart, I felt deeply impressed by your Reiki. Such a cool, hip guy who so lovingly and gives from his heart reiki, and how! I had such a hard time with my hernia. But you brought enormous relief at the times when you came to give reiki. Not just physically did you create space. An inner process also came to light. What insights. We have cleaned up a lot together. You continued, even after my surgery, to bring me relief and helped you get up to speed in the healing process. I was deeply touched by reike at a distance. I felt your hands on my body, even if you were kilometers away. I clearly felt when you started and when it was finished. Just before you texted me to say that the session was finished, I felt a big shock and I was completely at full consciousness.

Dear Mart, you make the world a better place. I hope that there are many more people who can be helped through your loving touch. “

– Dannielle Horneman

“Mart is a wonderful person with attention to me and my personal atmosphere that I bring. During the treatment, there is room for what presents itself. If more attention is needed for certain places or emotions than Mart gives that space. His treatments are loving and respectful. I can recommend Mart to anyone who wants to examine themselves or simply want to experience a break and want to relax from the daily hustle and bustle. ”

– Daphne Fuchs

“After my shoulder surgery, I felt I needed something to reduce the impact of anesthesia and cutting into my body. Mart’s Reiki treatment was exactly what helped me recover. The pain became more bearable and the enormous fatigue largely disappeared. The loving attention in a beautiful space with great music was a true gift! Thank you Mart. “

– Iradi

“I did not know what I could expect from a Reiki treatment. Mart clearly explained the procedure. During the treatment I became completely calm. I felt wonderfully relaxed, but also felt the energy in my body . Mart felt a part of my body, my hip, asked for additional energy, which I found quite amazing. I had not told him that I was suffering from it. The days after the treatment, I had a lot of energy and a great inner peace. “

– Sanne Pater

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