Mariska de Heus

Hello, I am Mariska.
Throughout my life I have been very curious about spiritual matters like the purpose of life and raising consciousness. Working in an office environment for almost 2 decades, I have always been searching for something more.

My life changed completely when I decided to move to Ibiza. While enjoying life on this beautiful and energetic island, I found out about The Reconnection. Immediately drawn to it, I wanted to experience a healing session. I received The Reconnection in the summer of 2014 and it has been a wonderful experience to me.

Right after The Reconnection sessions I was filled with gratitude and joy for weeks. A few months later I realized that I had gained more self-confidence and inner peace. I had become more focused than before and I felt that I fully relied on my intuition without having any doubts or worries. I knew instantly: ‘this is what I want to pass on to others, I cannot keep this to myself’.

My reconnective Healing helps to activate the natural forces of self-healing and restores balance in the body. It allows for a combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. For many it has a huge positive impact on various levels in their lives.

The beauty of Reconnective Healing is that you don’t need regular sessions. After up to three sessions, the healing frequencies keep working with you and you will continue to experience the benefits in many ways.

Besides healing sessions for people, I love to work with animals as well. Animals can benefit greatly from a healing session, as they are very sensitive and receptive to the healing frequencies. It’s a joy to see them relax and respond deeply to it. In some cases a distance healing is preferred, especially if your animal is injured, aggressive or caged.

What others say about Mariska

I felt very disconnected from the life I was living. You gave me a healing session and asked me to follow my light. You also very kindly gave me a book. My life started to change after this healing session. I became much more in tune with who I was and who I am now . The session was a wonderful experience, I felt safe and felt my inner strength returning. My life has changed so much since the session a year ago. I’ve been able to make life changing decisions that has brought me happiness and inner peace. Thank you Mariska X
– Tracy

“During the healing session I heard the same tone that I always hear when I am meditating. I felt muscle twitching and goose bumps all over my body. My left arm and ribs became very warm and sensitive. These are the exact spots where I’ve got physical trauma from an accident. After the healing the pain had mostly gone.”
– Rosa

“Happy that I have met you, you special lady. We’ve had so much fun and because I had some questions about my life, you gave me a healing. At first it was light and quiet, but after a while everything started to flow. The wall I was facing had gone and I just kept smiling. I felt so happy with all the changes that happened in my life. The feeling was great! We will meet again and I will have a new healing session for my new me. Thank you for helping me.”
– Esther

“The energy felt so clear, I could exactly tell where you were standing throughout the session, without watching. The further away from the table you were, the stronger it seemed to get. I saw different colours and light flashing. It was a truly soothing and comforting healing.”
– Jodie

“When the session started, I immediately felt the energy stream from my head to my chest like a heavy weight. I became extremely relaxed like I was floating and didn’t feel my body weight. I saw light flashes and sometimes just bright white light. It felt like something was placed on my solar plexus and released again. My head started to move very slowly from left to right and back, and my breathing became very slow. I left feeling positive, strong and most importantly, peaceful.”
– Maria

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