Ksenia Goryainova

Hello, I’m Ksenia

Yoga has been my salvation, healing and self discovery tool for over 15 years. It kept me looking for my truth in my past life selling diamonds for the top fine jewelry houses in London.

Yoga led me to following my heart and passion and eventually brought me to Ibiza, after traveling the world. It is anchoring me and my clients through turbulent streams of modern life. I am passionate about spreading awareness of self healing through my yoga and meditation classes and “The Art of Healing Ibiza Retreat”, a 7day immersion program of journey within, where I am also one of the founders. 

I am certified in and teaching Yin Yoga, classic Hatha Yoga, Auyverdic Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra and other guided Meditations as well as Yoga, Meditation and Massage for Kids.

In my classes I use wisdom from Buddhism, Chinese Medicine, Interpersonal Phycology along with mantras, essential oils, incents and relaxing music to bring clients back to their inner piece and sense of balance. Suitable for all ages and all level of practice. 

What others say about Ksenia

Yesterday during practice I really got into the zone and felt amazing. When I looked in the mirror I cried because for the first time I loved the body I saw and I was proud of myself. Few days ago during meditation I saw my third eye in black an d white, sitting inside a triangle right in front of me. Ksenia, I just wanted to thank you once again.

– Therese

From early morning yoga lessons and meditations which came straight from Ksenia’s heart, to wonderful, helpful and heart warming consultations. A journey I will never forget.

– Charlotte

Ksenia is first and foremost a brave woman who walks into vulnerability born ready to be comfortable in being uncomfortable. It takes great courage and character to practice such authenticity to self.  As a business partner of mine I admire this woman who’s heart is as giving as her soul is passionate to help people reconnect with themselves and step into their power. As a yoga teacher these qualities are priceless. I observe my partner and friend pour her soul into each  yoga session she gives. I cannot tell you how inspirational it is to observe her dedication. I urge you to attend Ksenias yoga classes, why you will walk away inspired to return, continuously, and as you go from one new lifestyle application to another, step by step your being will radiate and your smile will authentically become contagious. I challenge you to take my words as truth and allow yourself to stand in your own greatness. Allow Ksenia to inspire you to realize your limitless potential and  live through action. 

– Ruby 
Holistic Detoxification Specialist, Health Educator and Founding Member of Almond Blossom Sanctuary

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