Jasmine Nooij

Hi, I’m Jasmine Nooij.
Psychologist, yoga teacher, mindfulness instructor, healer, NLP practitioner, life coach and biodynamic respiratory therapist.

Quite a mouthful but I also see myself as a constant student of the mystery of life. What I learn on my path, I share, in the hopes that more people will live a satisfied, happy and inspired life.

I use powerful therapeutic and spiritual methods to make people love fuller and happier in life. I teach in a lively way to have more acceptance and be present in the NOW, and focus on the bliss that they are. I have developed a unique style yoga, with its emphasis on internal alignment and on activating life energy in the body by influencing breathing and attention.

In addition, I have developed a very effective emotional integration method (EIM), which uses biodynamic breathing and pronouncing (unconscious) negative thought patterns. This combined with bodywork and healing causes tensions, blockades, unresolved emotions and thoughts are revealed and can still be processed consciously.

This allows the load of these thoughts and emotions to be reduced and the influence that these thoughts and emotions have on your life to be removed.

Tensions and repetitive thoughts are released. This allows you come back into balance and you are more free, happier and more powerful in life.

What others say about Jasmine

“We love Jasmine Nooij private classes. Always feeling refreshed and alive afterwards.”

– Eline

“Truly amazing! I always feel great after a mindfulness yoga lesson from Jasmine. It gives me inner peace and balance. After a yoga class, I feel super energized and grounded. It has really enriched my life.”

“I can really recommend mindfulness yoga or therapy session with Jasmine. It gives so much energy, positivity and happiness in life.”

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