Isabel Chave-Manso

Hello, I am Isabel.

I have been learning embodiment practices for over fifteen years. I lead yoga classes, workshops and retreats in Spain and the U.S. I completed my yoga training in Los Angeles, studying Vinyasa and Therapeutics.  

In 2008 I traveled to India to study Iyengar and Ashtanga. In 2012 I went to Esalen, in Big Sur, CA, for my curiosity, of both the self and the world.  I am certified in Esalen Massage (Californian Massage), practicing also Deep Tissue and Energy work. Certified also as facilitator of Gestalt Awareness Practice by Tribal Ground. 

For me yoga is a tool for self exploration, self discovery and personal growth; knowing the self so we can connect and better understand others.

I love to teach a physical practice where we end up creating more space in our bodies, inhabiting and knowing our inner landscape.

We develop strength, flexibility and the capacity to listen to our body; TO HEAR from within, have fun and say yes to everything…

Practicing Flow, Therapeutics, Yin Yoga etc. and evolving in a integrative practice.

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