the art of nano-alchemy

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine. It has been given the same status as allopathy in countries as forward thinking as Switzerland and as large as India. In many European countries, homoeopathy is available on the national health system. 

Based upon the universal principle of like cures like, this 300 years old science and art support us as energetic beings, vessels of vibrations, responding to frequencies.

Homeopathic remedies carry a vibration which stimulates the body to heal itself. Every disease, every symptom is a symbol, a signpost. Responding to symptoms with a vibrational remedy rather than a suppressive chemical drug allows treatment of internal imbalances. With homeopathy, we can release patterns which are holding us back. It is rather effective for acute conditions such as headache, backpains, colds, injuries but also chronic diseases such as depression, insomnia, addictions etc. 
Completely safe to use with infants and children, during pregnancy, as a stand alone medicine or alongside conventional drugs.

Our homeopath is to be an unprejudiced observer, listen to you and ask a few questions at the right time and match your vibration, your state, with remedies that will gently bring you closer to your true nature and to optimum health.

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