Happy new you!

Spring is almost here and it is a hopeful season. It brings transformation and change: from cold to warmth, from darkness to light, from sleep to awakening and from grey to colourful.

It is a time for new life, new beginnings – it gives you the chance to tap into the power of renewal. We, too, have cycles and rhythms to our lives and to our growth process. What better time of year for change and to start living a healthy and fully balanced life!

Reconnective Healing opens your consciousness in new ways, giving you a direct experience of who and what you are. Through Reconnective Healing, you gain an understanding of your true self while accessing a new, more comprehensive spectrum of healing frequencies. It removes obstacles in your life that keep you from your life path and what you are called to do in this lifetime.

A practitioner of Reconnective Healing helps you initiate healing frequencies that facilitate the self-healing process within you. By just interacting with these frequencies, you are taken to a place where you discover that your limitations are only perceived. You are then able to tap into your limitless potential. It activates your own natural intelligence that allows for deeper healing on many levels.

Reconnective Healing does not only help with physical problems as illness, pain or fractures but also with emotions like grief, addictions, anger, hurt and forgiveness. It can help with mental problems as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, low self worth, negative thinking. And on a spiritual level when you might be feeling confused, have a feeling of disconnection, not belonging, lack of clarity and not finding your purpose in life. More often than not, when a healing takes place, it’s usually addressing a combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing at the same time.

It has allowed many to experience transformations and healings that have changed their inner core, experiencing improved health in all its forms. Even those not struggling with health challenges often find a new sense of wonder and abundance in life.

Are you curious about how Reconnective Healing can change your life in a positive way, or how it can improve your awareness or health? Maybe now is the perfect time for you to blossom and become the best version of yourself.

Wishing you a happy new You!

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