Annika Sukup

Hello, I’m Annika.

I’m a Yoga teacher and Shiatsu practitioner born and raised in Austria, living and working on Ibiza since 2014.

Yoga and any kind of treatments are beautiful ways to take a break from this busy world in which we live in, and to focus on what actually matters: The health of body, mind and soul, so we can keep performing successfully in this world with our full potential.

Yoga works the body as much as the mind. They play an equal role in our well-being. In my Vinyasa Flow classes I guide you through a smart series of postures that draws your awareness to the present moment, while it connects mindful movements with your breath.

I offer challenges to explore the comfort zone (handstand classes are possible as well) and I integrate meditation, breathing and relaxation exercises.

Shiatsu is a relaxing and vitalizing treatment on a mat in comfortable clothes. Through pressure onto the muscular and connective tissue, a passive stretch of muscles and rotation of joints, I support an increased bloodflow throughout your body to activate your self-healing powers.

Shiatsu improves bodily functions (eg. sleep, digestion, hormonal balance), boosts immunity and releases tension as well as stress related complaints. This is the treatment you want if your desire is to feel grounded, balanced and deeply relaxed.

What others say about Annika

“Her yoga classes are awesome and the Shiatsu massage, was the best I’ve ever had. 
For my next Ibiza trip, I know where to go again for practice yoga and have a Shiatsu massage!”
– Christian S

“Amazing technique and holistic experience. Definite recommendation. Must go!”
– Wouter G

“Simply amazing! Massages with Annika are simply the best and I never felt as relaxed as after a Shiatsu treatment with Annika. Highly recommended!”
– Michael B

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