Hello, I am Pedro.

I have a certification in chiromassage and I am a Pilates Mat instructor. I have been an intensive practitioner and a sport lover since I was 15, reaching elitist levels.

My love for sport and my interest in bodily dynamics have driven me to specialize in chiromassage and Pilates in order to obtain better performance in their practice by avoiding and preventing potential resulting injuries, and, at the same time, training my mind to get a correct global positioning.

Working for years as a Pilates instructor, as well as a therapist, in different centres in Zaragoza and Ibiza supports my experience.

My working policy is based on the balance-economy-comfort law, on which my therapies and personal trainings are focused.

My massage therapies reach all soft body tissues –muscles, ligaments, tendons, and I can treat different pathologies, muscular contractions, tendinitis, muscle spasms, torticollis, cervicalgias, lumbalgias, etc., with the aim of eliminating tensions or loads, restoring body balance by breaking the comfort zone and getting optimum economy.

Being an intensive sport practitioner for years has allowed me to go deeply and specialize in sports massage. Also, working in different spas has allowed me to go deeply into relaxing massage, leading both body and mind to a state of disconnection.

My Pilates training is based on the kind of gymnastics working inner muscles and activating the transverse abdominal muscle, which is linked to strict breathing, searching for balance and unity, and, therefore, providing the spinal column with stability and firmness, training mind in order to get a correct vertebral and global repositioning, thus rehabilitating or preventing injuries.

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