7 tips to get rid of insomnia

More than half of you readers are suffering with insomnia. Two-thirds to be exact. Fortunately, I have some good news: worrying is NOT something that happens to you. Her are seven tips to be able to sleep well again.

Tip 1. Set yourself a clear target
Many people think that thoughts happen to them. Nothing is less true. You have the CHOICE for thoughts that cause anxiety. The first step is to give yourself a clear target. For example: “I want to change my mindflow.”

Tip 2: Change your thinking-vote
Thinking is a conversation with yourself. Negative thoughts ensure unpleasant movies in your head, you play them again and again. They are about what you do not want instead of what you want. These movies provide unpleasant feelings. And keep you from your sleep. If you think about a monotone voice, sounding slow and low it reduces your words right away.

Tip 3: Think backwards
You lie tossing and turning in bed at night because your mind keeps spinning in circles? Grab a keyword from your negative thoughts and think backwards word. Worrying for example, becomes gniyrrow. The word loses its negative charge and has no effect anymore. You can also do this with negative phrases that haunt your head.

Tip 4: Don’t ask yourself useless questions
We think a lot. Propably about 6,000 questions per day. Especially in bed, if there is no distraction, you will make yourself crazy with all these questions. The trick is to get yourself to dish the right questions. So stop asking useless questions to yourself when you do not definitely know the answer. Also keep away from horror questions that have to do with what you do not want deep in your heart, such as, “What if my business goes bankrupt?”

Tip 5: Choose target questions

Anything that gets attention grows. Therefore, think about what you want and ask objective questions. Purpose questions often start with ‘how’. Such as: “How can I add more customers to my file?” Or, “How can we further optimize the service for our customers?” Stop this.

Tip 6: Stop recurring dialogues
Become aware of what you think and how often you engage the same dialogue with yourself. Do you consider yourself twice in one day asked the same question and not gotten the right answer? Please loose it. By putting time and energy in recurring dialogues not much energy remains for constructive things.

Tip 7: Let Reiki give you extra peace
If after these tips you still are mess in your head, try to streamline things more through Reiki. Universal energy that is going exactly where it is needed. In your head for example, because there is an imbalance.